CIRCULAR ECONOMY DESIGN // No more straight line to the landfill or onto the streets

The concept of a Circular Economy is increasingly being discussed and promoted today. But what is it all about? To those new or unfamiliar with the concept it can seem a bit overwhelming and complex.

By promoting the shift to a more circular economy, we can use resources more wisely, turn waste into opportunity, and generate economic growth. Entrepreneurs play a critical role in defining this evolution, because companies with circular business models open up new ways of thinking about goods and ownership. The world benefits when people do more with less and create sustainable, thriving small businesses.

To help you better understand how Circular Economy works and how you might apply it to your business we have curated the following resource links:

Circular Economy Overview | This Ellen MacArthur Foundation page highlights the Concept, Principles and Characteristics of a Circular Economy in an easy to understand video.

Circular Design Guide | This Circular Design Guide website provides tools, resources and example businesses utilizing Circular Economy principles.